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About Environmental Rental LLC

Environmental Rental LLC was formed to become the leading provider of leak detection equipment rental services for clients and facilities in North America, Mexico and Canada.  Our goal is to save our clients money by providing them the ability to rent the latest, most state-of-the-art appropriate technology for gas, water, and air leak detection at their own facilities anywhere throughout the continent.   

We help our clients reduce the risks of fire, inhalation exposure, property damage and explosion hazards, and reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions emitted from their facilities by identifying leaks pinpointed through the cutting edge leak detection equipment we offer.  Utilizing this equipment can help our clients save money, lives and the environment, and improve occupational safety and environmental health by identifying sources of wasted energy that are often easily repaired.

Heavy manufacturing facilities, natural gas and oil industries, city utilities, and commercial facilities are evaluated by performing walk-through surveys, airborne surveys and vehicle based surveys utilizing the right equipment.  Our vast experience provides us the perfect platform to assist our clients with finding the appropriate equipment and facilitating the necessary support services if needed. We are available to provide both lecture and field training on all equipment rented, and have first-hand knowledge of what equipment you need and how it’s best applied in the field.

We are not a manufacturer of test equipment or affiliated with any proprietary technologies or specific brands. We are constantly evaluating and purchasing only the finest detection technology with the best hardware and software to provide the most effective, efficient leak detection available. We know you rely on many inputs to make your business decisions, and our objective is to give you the best possible equipment solutions so you can optimally manage the state of your gas-handling operations.

In today's complex world, simple solutions are increasingly difficult to pinpoint and implement, over time becoming as demanding and costly as the initial problem. With issues relating to environmental quality, company productivity, health concerns, and safety compliance issues - therein lies the challenge to solve the dilemma yet provide the fastest, safest, most efficient solution. Utilizing our technology provides you the most practical and cost-effective solutions.  And, most importantly, if you need relevant hands-on experience, Environmental Rental LLC has the resources to solidly support you. Our experience and practical knowledge are essential to your success in identifying your environmental issues.

Our staff at Environmental Rental LLC has over twenty years of Greenhouse Gas (GHG), infrared thermography and ultrasonic leak detection experience to assist your rental needs, and the group has performed hundreds of leak detection surveys for natural gas and other Green House Gases utilizing infrared thermography, and has also performed hundreds of compressed gas surveys utilizing ultrasonic leak detection throughout North America. Our experience includes quantification of leak size and return on investment (ROI) subsequent to repair of leaks identified. Our equipment is routinely used in inventorying GHG emissions to set a baseline, implementing data management systems to track GHG emissions data, and developing strategies to offset or reduce GHG emissions. 

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